Kelly and her twin daughters, Nora and Peyton!

Kelly McHugh Sweeney has been working in the floral industry since landing a part-time gig in a local floral shop during high school. Throughout college she worked over holiday breaks and summers at several different local florists. After graduating with an accounting degree she took a 9-5 office job – and realized in less than a year that with little room for creativity and personalization, it was not the right career fit for her.

Like all good stories, things took a turn when a friend of a friend, knowing Kelly had experience working in floral shops, brought Kelly three dozen red roses and told her they were the only flower she wanted for her wedding arrangements. She asked Kelly to make a bouquet, boutonniere, and centerpiece with them. After Kelly created the arrangements, she was hired! From there Kelly continued doing wedding flowers for friends as her business grew by word of mouth.

Stems in Style became official fifteen+ years ago and in that time has grown into a thriving business offering full day wedding coordination, wedding floral arrangements, special occasion flowers, and floral design events in Boston, New Hampshire, Cape Cod and surrounding areas. Kelly’s experience, attention to detail, and passion are second to none and Stems in Style is committed to serving clients and providing the perfect floral arrangements to complete an event or special occasion.

“When you are working with brides you are seeing them on the happiest day of their life and the sense of accomplishment I get from being a part of that is priceless.”